Shipping + Handling

I've been sitting by my mailbox since I ordered..

  • Most orders, with the exception of Original Paintings and Trays are ready to be shipped within 1-2 weeks after ordering.
  • Originals Paintings and Trays are ready to be shipped anytime within 1-4 weeks after ordering
  • After receiving a shipping email, expect your box of magic within

            3-10 business days for US orders

            5-15 business days for International orders

Ok, Miss Soup, it's been x days and my mailman is filing a case against me...

  • Please check to make sure you received a shipping email. This will have your tracking information.
  • Please check around the corner and under your neighbor's porch to make sure they do not have it.
  • Please check in with your local post office.

I did all that and nada...

  • Please contact me at